In that we devote little time or resources to marketing, in a traditional sense (as some might view our blog and possibly this website – available to anyone in the world with an internet connection – as marketing endeavors), virtually all of our new clients come to us via referrals from others who are familiar with our work. And while we still entertain opportunities when presented, we will only take on a new client when we believe it’s an exceptionally good fit – as our commitment, first and foremost, is to our existing clientele.


Being thoughtful with regard to the commitments we make ensures that we remain undistracted as we manage our clients’ portfolios into what is forever an uncertain future.

Bottom line: We passionately enjoy working with a select group of people with whom we have lasting relationships. It's our opinion as to whether a potential new client is one with whom we can enjoy a "lasting relationship" that ultimately determines if we'll take on their portfolio.

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