Our core analytical tool is the Bloomberg Professional Service (aka The Bloomberg Terminal); considered within the industry to be the most extensive database and research tool available today.


While we’ve found “the terminal” to indeed be all that its reputation suggests, access to data doesn’t, by itself, lead to investment success. One must first understand it, interpret its signals and have the experience and expertise it takes to put it to practical use within portfolios.


Simply put, we believe that a quality investment firm must have a solid grasp of fundamental and technical analyses of markets and a distinct insight into the goings on in the global economy. An insight that requires access to the world’s most robust sources of data, along with the knowhow to put them to good use.


Rather than claim herein that we indeed have the interpretive knowhow required to take full advantage of the rich data today’s technology makes available, we’ll direct you to our blog site, blog.pwa.net. There you’ll find literally thousands of articles written over the past several years, where we help our clients put the data, the markets, and media hyperbole into their proper perspective.

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